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First impressions last

First impressions last

Your waiting room is the first thing your clients see when they walk in so this is the first chance you have and most important part in giving your clients a great impression of how professional and organized you are. Having a messy or not so organized waiting room will make your clients feel skeptical about the choice they have made about taking that first step into your office. You want your clients to feel like they have made the right choice about choosing your company over the others from the time they take their first step in.


At times it is hard to keep your waiting room clean and organized but here are helpful tips to keep it organized.

  1. When choosing your seating, try and find a beam seating solution instead of using individual seating. This will stop clients from being able to move the chairs around and will keep them perfectly lined up leaving your room looking well organized. Today there is a vast range of stylish beam seating at great prices to suit almost every décor and budget.
  2. Having children’s toys is a great idea to keep kids occupied and usually keeps them quiet while waiting but people seem to avoid this due to the mess related to it. By fencing off a small area will help keep toys confined to that area leaving the rest of your waiting room clean and organized. Also only having toys fixed such as chalk boards or puzzle games will help keep the toy area clean but will still keep the kids amused and occupied.
  3. Clients like to read so having magazines will help clients to feel relaxed and also helps time pass quickly. Having a magazine rack rather than having loose magazines over tables is the best way to keep the magazines tidy.

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