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Tips On Planning Your Office Fitout In Sydney

Tips On Planning Your Office Fit out In Sydney – Ideal Furniture


Planning your office fit out in Sydney is usually done in a few stages. First you need to work out your office space and how you would like your layout to be. Some customers already have a design in mind that they would like but most important is the practicality of the furniture layout and the design to work.


Once you have chosen the best design and layout, it’s now time to start organizing for it all to be done.

First thing you need to organize is a company that you feel comfortable with doing the construction side of your fit out. This usually includes the partition walls, electrical and data, painting, floor fixtures and so much more.

Once you have chosen the company that best suits your needs and you are comfortable, depending on the area that your office is situated you may need to get council approval before commencing the work. The company you have chosen to do your work should be able to organize everything needed to submit to your local council including plans and paperwork required. This can be a time consuming process (up to 2 months) so get this moving straight away before you start planning the rest of your job.


The next thing you need to organize is your furniture and where to source it from. This should be done as soon as your project has been submitted to council as some of the furniture you like may be custom made and may take up to 6 weeks to be made. This will avoid any delays in your completion date schedule.


The hardest part about maintaining a smooth running project is coordinating all the trades/companies to work together and within a tight schedule. This can be a time consuming and a stressful process for yourself and could take you away from your normal daily tasks.


Ideal Furniture has been doing office fit outs in Sydney for the past 3 years and understand that your time is valuable so we have built a good quality team of experienced professionals that will not only get your job done but we manage your job from start to finish including the construction side right down to placing the last piece of furniture leaving you to continue on with your daily tasks as normal and leaving you stress free. Each job is allocated a project manager whom will quote the job, organize the job and complete the job. If there is anything you need to know, it is just 1 call and you will have it sorted.


As mentioned, we fully understand that having a disruption from your normal duties or having your office shut down for a long period of time while the project is in process all comes down to loss of income and /or unsettled staff so we have thrived on having the quickest turn around time in Sydney with a 30 day guarantee of completion time (not including council approval).


To organize for 1 of our professional experienced managers to come to you and have a consultation, please call 02 9897-0588 or email or check out some of our previous office fitouts in sydney

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