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Ideal Furniture is a leading supplier of high quality office desks based in Sydney, specialising in both commercial and home office furniture solutions. So what are you looking for in a new desk? Whether it is befitting a high-powered executive that makes a suitable statement of authority in a corporate environment, or a more functional piece for a limited space in your personal office at home, our wide and varied product range will certainly be able to cater for all your business or personal requirements. Looking for a corner office worktable that maximises space in a small room, or what about a white one that perfectly matches the colour scheme of your existing office furniture? Buy the perfect office desk online by browsing through the categories below. Alternatively, you can select the Free Quote option at the top of the website and one of our friendly staff will be happy to provide a free measure and quote. Ideal Furniture stocks a wide range of office furniture, so please feel free to browse our website or get in touch if you have any questions. Come down to our showroom today in Granville, Sydney and view the layout for yourself.

Ideal Furniture presents some of Australia’s finest office desks. Whether you’re revamping your workplace or replacing the squeaky table at home, we have your back on all your furniture needs.

✔️ Which Office Desks Are Available?

You’ll love our wide range of designs, sizes, and materials. Has your office desk seen better days? In addition to your computer and stationery, our FX worker pieces accommodate several employees without crowding your office.

How about that rickety study table in your living room? Our metal frame desks won’t budge when you’re changing your house arrangement. What’s more, they’re available in different colours to complement your décor.

Not forgetting our timber Veneer creations for that vintage feel. This goes hand in hand with the Polyurethane desks that wow your clients before they read your proposal. You could also try our height adjustable desks whose ergonomic designs ensure productivity while keeping neck pains at bay.

Combine this with the YS collections and a cluttered space will be a thing of the past. Other office desks for sale include the CM Avalon tables that offer a classic finish to lift your workers’ morale. You can choose between an open or curved design.

✔️ How Do I Buy Office Desks Online?

You can order the office desks online if you can’t make it to our store in Sydney. Start by clicking on the product you want. Proceed to select the colour as well as the mode of delivery and assembly. While at it, check the item’s dimensions, features, and warranty.

Though shipping charges pop up automatically if you’re within the Sydney Metro, you get the fee after the purchase if outside this area. Similarly, we can set up your desk at a cost if you’re in the Sydney Metro. Note that items arrive in a flat pack to minimise transport expenses.

After receiving the price, add your goods to the cart and your order will appear on the top-right icon. Lastly, check out and pay through your preferred method. The good news is our furniture is pocket-friendly. Delivery is also timely. You can use your reference or invoice number to follow your product.

✔️ How Do I Care for My Desk?

There are different ways to stretch your desk’s lifespan. First off, dust it regularly to eliminate any airborne particles that may scratch its surface. But dusting isn’t always effective. For stubborn stains, wipe the area using a moist cloth containing a mild detergent.

Afterwards, rinse the fabric, wring it out, and wipe the spot again. Ensure you dry the table with a smooth cloth such as cotton and microfiber. Because such stains come from food and drinks, don’t eat at the workspace.

A blotter will also come in handy to reduce marks while writing. Likewise, protect the table from direct sunlight to avoid discolouration. Another measure is spacing your chair from the desk to prevent damage by the armrests. Most importantly, fix a defect as soon as it occurs to avert further destruction.

Feel free to contact us with your queries or read the FAQ section. Order from the office desk Sydney leaders today!