How To Order

  1. Click into the specific furniture piece that you are interested in.
  2. Select all options e.g. colour, delivery, assembly, etc.
  3. A price will come up after all options have been selected and also the option to “add to cart”.
  4. Select “add to cart”.
  5. Once you have added all the items you want to buy to your cart then go to your cart by selecting the cart icon on your top right.
  6. Then double check if everything is correct and select shipping option.
  7. If you are outside the Sydney metro, the shipping fee will be advised to you after your purchase.
  8. If you are inside Sydney metro or selecting local pickup then it will automatically add a fee.
  9. Click “proceed to checkout”
  10. Complete the payment by whichever method is suitable for you.
  11. And you’re all done! Easy!

Shipping Policies

We ship to everywhere in Australia or we are available for local pickup.

If you are in the Sydney metro area when you checkout online there will be an automatic shipping fee added to your final amount.

If you are outside the Sydney metro area, we will quote you on a price for shipping. We can quote you either over the phone, email or contact you after your purchase.


  • If a customer is unable to pick up or receive the furniture for more than two weeks from the date we advised, the customer must pay a storage charge every fortnight.
  • If the furniture customer purchased can not be delivered into a customer’s home or office or any room inside because (1) the size of the furniture is too big, or (2) the size of the customer’s building structure is too small, or (3) the job becomes too dangerous to do, then we can only leave the furniture outside the customer’s home or other possible places without liability. The customer must accept the furniture ordered in this way with full payment. Cancellations are not allowed under these circumstances.
  • If the job can not be conveniently effected by adequate space of staircases and doorways, and the workmen agree to (we reserve the right to refuse if the job becomes dangerous) use any balcony window, and/or dismantle the furniture and/or customer’s window or door, the customer must therefore be willing to pay an extra charge for this extra work. We will not be liable for any possible damage happening to the furniture or customer property in these circumstances.
  • Every endeavour will be made to carry out the work by the time desired, but we shall not be liable for loss through delay in traffic, mechanical breakdown, stress, weather, accident, labour troubles or from any other cause beyond our control.
  • Delivery is only delivery; it is unrelated to assembling of the goods. If a customer is willing to pay the extra fee, we will consider doing assembly for a customer during delivery. However, assembly jobs must be booked before delivery.
  • If a customer does not arrange for someone to be at home for a booked delivery, the delivery workmen are entitled to charge any waste of time ($15 per hour each person) due to waiting for said customer. Another option is that a second delivery fee must be paid (second delivery charge is based on the time spent for the delivery on the same rate).

Return and Refund Policy

In the event of any furniture being damaged, for which we are liable, we shall have the option of replacing or repairing such furniture. We will not be responsible for damage of furniture after they have been received in good condition from us or damage caused by customer self assembling.


Conditions of No Refund

  1. If the fault is caused by something the customer has failed to do.
  2. The item has been misused or abused.
  3. The customer has a change of mind.
  4. The customer had been advised of faults in an item before the purchase.
  5. There is no proof for when the item was purchased.
  6. The customer is responsible for damaging the goods by not following the instructions or misusing the products.
  7. Special orders and floor stock furniture.


If none of the above criteria is met and customers still require a refund or return then email or call us and send through a photo of the damages.

How To Trace Your Order

The easiest way to track your order is to give us a call in store on (02) 9897 0588 or email us at and use your invoice or reference number. We can inform you on the spot about where your order is currently.

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