Hiring the Right Company to Design the Perfect Office

Whilst it is beyond a doubt essential to hire the right company to design and fit out your office, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play a major role in the process. Before looking for a company to reinvent your workplace, consider the following points.

The number of staff you employ

It is important to provide your employees with ample space to work comfortably. As your business will likely expand over time, think not only of how many employees you currently employ, but how many you’re likely to employ a year or two from now.

How your staff communicate with each other

The way your employees communicate determines which of the many layout configurations you should opt for. Open plan offices are great for throwing around ideas, though you may also need a closed office to provide a space for your employees to concentrate.

Whether your clients/customers visit your office

If your clients/customers visit your office regularly you’ll need a different layout to companies that don’t receive visitors. For companies that don’t receive visitors often, large reception areas and meeting rooms are superfluous and those spaces can be put to better use.

Any office design and fitout company worth their salt will discuss these important considerations with you. However, consider these points first so you know what to discuss and the questions to ask.

Choosing the Right Office Design and Fitout Company

It is imperative to choose the right office furniture, office design and fitout company. Here are a few tips to help you make that crucially important decision.

Their professional reputation

A good company will happily provide you with verifiable references upon request. These references should be relevant to your project in terms of size and scope, and you might also like to ask to visit a project they are currently working on.

Visiting a project they are currently working on will give you an idea of the disruptions and downtime you are looking at when they carry out your project.

The services they provide

The right company is able to provide all the services you need in-house and doesn’t use subcontractors. Make sure they can manage every aspect of your office design and fitout project, from conception to completion, in-house as this helps to ensure quality as well as minimise disruptions.

Their financial security

Office design and fitout companies must be insured, but it is also a good idea to make sure they are financially secure so that you can assess the risks to your business. Their financial security relates directly to your financial risk.

Checking if the total cost of your project is a minor percentage of the company’s annual turnover is a good place to start, as is asking to see their balance sheet and credit rating.

There are many things to take into account when sourcing the best office design and fitout company to reinvent your place of business. Additionally, insist on obligation-free quotations so that you can compare quotes for cost-competitiveness.

David Dong