Axis Workstations

The Axis line of workstations is diverse and varied, offering everything you could possibly need for a complete office fit-out. From basic, simple desks to complete workstations for multiple employees, the options on offer at Ideal Furniture give you virtually endless combinations to suit your office layout and style. The workstations in this collection offer a variety of available features, including privacy screens to allow your employees to focus on their work, under-desk drawers for filing important documents and overhead storage shelving for books or personal items. Workstations come in straight and 90-degree options for even more customisation. Some employees prefer to have a clear, simple workstation so that they can concentrate on the task at hand, while others enjoy having enough space for personal items to help them to feel relaxed and comfortable while they work. With the Axis collection, you can accommodate both wishes while still keeping all of the workstations in a similar style. Many of the Axis workstations allow for colour selection, enabling you to create a cohesive decorative theme in your office that both employees and clients will love. Have a look at what we have on offer, and get ready to plan your next office fit-out in style with Ideal Furniture.

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