Anvil Workstations

The Anvil series of workstations was designed with minimalistic style in mind. These sleek, modern workstations look great in a variety of office settings, without distracting from either the rest of the décor or the work at hand. However, the simplistic design does not detract from the functionality of these Anvil workstations. Each one provides ample desk space for your employees to get their work done with ease. There is plenty of room for a computer, a bit of storage and additional work space, giving your employees flexibility in how they would like to set up their areas. Anvil workstations are available in single-sided and back-to-back versions. With the single-sided options, the desk area offers a flat surface that presents employees with no distraction from their current tasks. For the back-to-back workstations, privacy screens give employees some measure of security, which frees them from the distractions of their co-workers. However, the screens are low enough to allow for collaboration with neighbours when necessary, making these workstations a versatile option for your office. Anvil workstations give you plenty of options when it comes to setting up your office layout. Take a look at what we have on offer at Ideal Furniture to start planning your office fit-out.

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