Office Workstations

For best utilising office space and having the added benefit of a closely knit team working together, it’s worth considering an office workstation. Having a small team working together around the same workstation encourages interaction and allows ideas and thoughts to be bounced around. The major plus of being so close to your team as a business owner is monitoring productivity first hand. Picking your office furniture wisely can achieve this. Browse our extensive range of office workstations online through the categories below. Alternatively you can select the Free Quote option at the top of the website and one of our friendly staff will be happy to provide a free measure and quote. Come visit us in person and view the range of office workstations in our Sydney showroom yourself. You’ll be impressed by the office workstations and the way it provides a convenient solution to an otherwise time consuming experience. If you have any further questions on what is included in the packages, please call Ideal Furniture today and one of our friendly staff will talk you through everything.

✔️ How Long Has Ideal Furniture Been in Business?

For more than 18 years, Ideal Furniture has provided quality office furniture, office workstation table setups and other products to clients in Sydney and throughout Australia. Learn more about our company and our commitment to quality products.

✔️ How Can I Find the Best Office Workstation for My Team?

At Ideal Furniture, you can browse through the available office workstation desk configurations for individuals or teams. You can also click on the individual brands for a closer look at the full array of desks, screens and furniture offered by each to see which office workstations Sydney businesses choose to outfit their space.

✔️ Why Should I Customise My Workstation Office Furniture?

You can customise workspaces to fit the needs of your employees. When you choose an office workstation online, consider the function of each team you're buying for. For example, programming teams collaborate closely on projects, so Axis Workstations and MS Workstations provide individual privacy without inhibiting natural conversations.

For open office environments with small teams that work closely together, consider FX workstations with no screens to facilitate group brainstorming.

✔️ How Can I Match My Office Workstation to Fit My Brand?

For each office workstation for sale at Ideal Furniture, you have a variety of choices you can make to ensure your workstation matches the space and brand aesthetics of your company. Using the dropdown menus or colour swatches, you can choose tones that compliment your decor, or tones that provide a relaxing or energetic vibe.

✔️ How Do I Buy Office Workstations?

To place an order, you can refer to the detailed instructions in our FAQs. Basically, you click on the specific furniture piece and select all the options presented, such as delivery, colour and assembly choices. Once you receive a price, add the item to your cart and continue shopping or go to your cart to checkout.

Orders in the Sydney Metro area receive a shipping cost at check out. For other areas, we will notify you as soon as we process the order. We do this to ensure the best possible prices for our customers.

✔️ Does Ideal Furniture Provide Delivery and Shipping Services?

We ship office workstations Australia businesses purchase from all states and territories on the mainland. Refer to the specific products for terms and conditions. For example, some items come with discounts for multiple purchases.

✔️ What If My Business Is On An Upper Floor?

If your office is located in a multistory building, we leave delivered items on the ground floor due to the nature of our products. If you need them delivered to a specific floor, there is typically a per item charge associated with delivery.

✔️ How Do I Pick Up My Order in Person?

We also sell workstations Sydney business owners pick up directly at our distribution centre. You can choose your pick up option when you check out. Contact us with any questions on shipping or product details.

✔️ Does Ideal Furniture Offer an Ergonomic Workstation?

A number of brands offer an ergonomic computer workstation for one or more people. You can adjust the height to suit individual workers or to create standing desks that allow employees to alternate between standing and sitting positions. Investing in ergonomic workstations promotes the well-being and health of your employees, resulting in increased productivity.

✔️ What If I Just Need a Workstation for My Home Office?

Most brands offer single-person home office workstation models and multiple-person workstations for those who own a home business. Dia workstations are particularly appealing to Gen X and Gen Y homeworkers, due to their extreme flexibility and casual vibe.

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