Height Adjustable Workstations

Height-adjustable workstations are rapidly growing in popularity in modern offices around the world, particularly among Millennials. As people become increasingly aware of the health risks of being sedentary for most of the day, innovative 2-person sit-stand desks are more appealing. With their rising popularity, these sit-stand desks are no longer the simple, flat platforms they were in the past.  

Types of adjustable Desks

  You now have several styles and shapes to choose from to suit your preferences. Corner and 90-degree options provide additional workspace, allowing you to spread out while working. This is perfect for environments requiring employees to cross-reference many documents or work on large-scale projects. Height-adjustable desks are also available with split-level surfaces, offering additional space for storage or further work materials.  

Sit-Stand Desk Configuration and Control

  Many of the 2-person sit-stand desk models at IDEAL Furniture can be configured as joint workstations for multiple employees, making it easier for your staff to collaborate on important projects. Height-adjustable desk options are available with either manual or electric operation. Start planning your next office fit-out today and do your part to help your employees stay healthy with modern, height-adjustable desks from IDEAL Furniture.   Contact IDEAL Furniture for the best selection of 2-person sit-stand desks in Australia.  

Benefits Of Two-Person Sit and Stand Desks

  Height-adjustable desks offer numerous advantages over conventional designs. Standing desks are ergonomic, making them safer and more comfortable to use throughout the day. Workers are less likely to develop back and neck pain and people with existing complaints may feel a sense of relief. Excessive sitting is known to affect posture and cause chronic structural issues, with adjustable desks being the best possible solution.   Height-adjustable desks offer the following advantages:  
  • Support natural posture 
  • Experience greater comfort 
  • Reduce chronic problems
  • Benefit from physical activity
  • Boost workplace satisfaction

How To Choose The Right Height Adjustable Desk For You

  When it comes to office furniture, it's important to think smart and find solutions that make a difference. To find the ideal height-adjustable desk for your office, it's essential to compare and contrast product features and dimensions based on your available budget. Whether you're looking for a solo standing desk or a 2-person sit-stand desk, IDEAL Furniture has the perfect solution for your needs.   Common adjustable desk features include:  
  • Height range and setting options
  • Product design and aesthetics
  • Construction materials
  • Product dimensions and weight
  • Available warranties and support
  • Delivery and finance options

The IDEAL Furniture Advantage

  At IDEAL Furniture, we specialise in office furniture sales, fit-outs and refurbishments. Whether designing a new workplace or expanding an existing office, we’re the one-stop shop for all your office needs. Along with high-quality furniture, we also provide electrical, data and design solutions for businesses across Australia.   Every customer is assigned a project manager for consistency and quality control. We have established cost-effective alliances with local and overseas manufacturers and offer free quotes for all custom-designed furniture products. From simple furniture selections to expansive workstation collections, you will save money and find the perfect solution. Please review our catalogue or contact IDEAL Furniture for the best selection of 2- person sit-stand desk products in Australia.

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