AFRDI Office Chairs

When you’re kitting out your office, you want to make sure the products you’re choosing are legitimate and reliable. This is particularly important with regards to the chairs you choose, since opting for substandard products can affect the health and productivity of you and/or your workers. Our AFRDI approved chairs conform to the highest standards, and you don’t have to just take our word for it. Being AFRDI approved means that the chair has been tested to the Australian/New Zealand standards, and is essentially a guarantee of an ergonomic, durable and safe product. Ideal Furniture is the best place to go for your AFRDI office chairs, since we’ve got an impressive selection of colours and styles available to seamlessly match the rest of your office décor. These chairs have been thoroughly tested with the assistance of machines to ensure that they are up to the task and will be sustainable for years to come. Check out the range below and get yours now.

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