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Largest Range Of Office Furniture

Largest Range Of Office Furniture

Looking For Office Furniture In Sydney?

It has recently been proven that Ideal Furniture have the largest range of office furniture in Sydney all at very competitive prices. With our easy to navigate website, it is almost effortless to purchase your office furniture online including organizing the delivery and installation all in a few easy clicks.

Whether you are after a small computer desk, modern office desks or simply just need a new office chair, Ideal furniture has made it easier then ever. Ideal Furniture also have a professional team of installers that understand your needs and requirements. With most items in stock and ready to go, it will take no time at all to get you your items and have you set up ready to start working and earning money.

Things to think about while organizing your office fit out.

Things to think about while organizing your office fit out.

An office is a place where we spend most of our time trying to make a living for our families. Even though an office renovation is essential for taking your business to the next level, you don’t have to break the bank to give your office a new look.


An office that requires renovation would indicate two things:

  • You have been in business long enough for it to lose style and appeal; and
  • Your business has started to expand

These are accomplishments that are really worth celebrating by all entrepreneurs. This article highlights some of the most important ideas for renovating your office.

Applying a fresh coat of paint would be the easiest way to renovate an office. Even if you don’t do any other work but change only the paint, it will suffice to project a complete new look to your office. If your office is a place where there is a lot of activity, you can choose a fiery colour to match its energy. On the other hand, if your aim is to reduce employee stress, choose a cool colour to calm down the nerves.

Improving your lighting is another aspect of office renovation that helps boost productivity. Dim lighting will deplete the energy of the employees and may make them doze off when they have less work. It will also make reading paperwork difficult, causing eyestrain.

Encourage natural light to flow through the entire office building. The wise use of natural light is one of the best ways to maximize your lighting system and save on energy bills. This is easily done by removing heavy drab curtains and replacing them with blinds to allow sunlight to pass through the building. Installing more windows also can help the office to be less dependent on artificial lighting. Be sure to install thermally efficient windows to save on energy bills.

Cramped cubicles are not in style anymore. Cubicles give the idea of working in tiny boxes. The tight cubicle space has been known to hamper productivity. If cubicles are insisted upon be sure to make them big enough to allow the employees to work freely without being cramped in such an environment.

The latest trend in an office is to encourage open workspaces. They are more airy and encourage employee interaction which is highly conducive to enhanced productivity. An open floor plan always gives a feeling of space and expansiveness.

Comfortable seating is another important area that is often overlooked by employers. There are more and more people complaining of backaches and spine problems within the contemporary office environment. The main reason for this is uncomfortable seating options in most offices. An office environment would require people to sit for long hours at a stretch. Hence the seating in such offices must be comfortable and relaxing. This will help to derive maximum productivity from your employees.

Implementing health and safety into a work place has also just gotten easier with the new sit stand desks

allowing staff the freedom to sit or stand at their desks which helps stretching and blood flow. Statistics have proven a success with this and has even reduced workers comp claims and also increased productivity. When sitting in a chair for too long, staff become too relaxed and slump which effects their train of thought and motivation.

Most offices face space problems due to lack of organization. Hence your remodelling efforts should include furniture that provides plenty of space for storing documents and files. It is always better to include a wall of built-in bookcases for an upscale look to your office. This doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It is by far one of the best ways of arranging files in your office while saving much required space at the same time.

Investing in a larger and greener refrigerator that matches the colour of your office wall is a great way to upgrade the pantry in your office. A long table would be fine so that everyone could sit together and have lunch or tea. The space should be well-ventilated for the employee’s benefit, helping to increase their productivity as well.

The above highlights are some of the most important office renovation ideas to help to increase employee productivity as well as make your office a pleasant place for your customers to do business with you.

Impressive Office Design Inspiration from Start-up Companies

Impressive Office Design Inspiration from Start-up Companies

Have you decided to take the big leap of faith and start your own business or even expand into new offices? A big, big congratulations from the team at Ideal, I am so excited for this part because you must remember, in today’s society opening up a new office has a strong focus on your office design. Not only can your choices of office furniture and decorations effect your brand reputation, it can also impact your future productivity, success and employee happiness. It is important to do the research regarding what colours, materials and positioning best suits your business. There is no standard layout because it is dependent on what space is available and what your brand represents, whether that is transparency, efficiency, innovation, collaboration…or even all of them. If you’re stuck in a rut and confused about all the options available, I recommend taking a break and looking at some inspiration from successful start-up companies all around the world and what they’ve done with their spaces.


  1. Squarespace – New York City

The company is based off a content management system launched in 2004, including a website builder, blogging platform and hosting service. It is now working with 503 employees and active in 190 countries.

Office Design - Ideal Furniture

The foundation for the space is loyal to minimalistic design. The walls are white and clean against the dark black wooden finish of the floor and shelving. There is heavy emphasis on glass offices and separations, conveying a certain transparency about the company. It is easy to take in whilst still being clearly stylish reflecting what the company itself aims to do for users. The décor adds a more homely feel in addition to the various and numerous plants around the space. The lighting and open spaces warm up the area, facilitating communication and comfort. The leather chairs add a classier feel, while the mesh back chairs are there for modern effect and ergonomic stability for employees. Overall it is a very simple and suitable design for the brand, creating a calming space for online work.


  1. Born05 – Utrecht

Founded in 2005, Born05 is a creative agency focused on advertising and public relations.

Office Design - Ideal Furniture

The office is quite large, consisting of several different floors and rooms. There is a reoccurring urban vibe mixed with a natural wooden atmosphere. There is a common bar/lunch area for discussion and relaxing encouraging regular break times for employees. This can improve productivity in the long run as employees are exercising their brains and bodies regularly. There are collaboration rooms with meeting tables and leather lounge chairs. There are also meeting rooms that are more closed off for more quiet workers.


  1. The Aviary – Auckland

This workspace was set up as an experimental collaboration between four design companies.

Office Design - Ideal Furniture

The space is designed to incorporate efficient collaboration work as well as individual. There are sliding doors to partially separate the meeting room from the more lively open plan area. There are colour blocks of space such as the big black box, which actually encloses a space to experience virtual reality. There are a number of plants around the space, including a built in tree that overhangs and doubles as lighting.


  1. Saturday Group – London

This business revolves around fashion and entertainment, specifically for marketing and advertising of the companies in these industries.

saturday group
The office design incorporated the needs from all the companies within the group i.e. public relations, marketing, advertising, publicity and IP ownership. The different spaces were designed with minimal disruption and mindfulness to preventing interruption of any flow in the workspace. The white poured resin floors and desking systems were chosen for the least distraction and “clean palate” look. There are private offices, meeting rooms, and photo studios and clothes showrooms.


  1. Factory Five – Shanghai

Factory Five is a start-up bike store that offers unique designs with aluminium and steel frames specific to their store.

Office Design - Ideal Furniture

Located in Shanghai, this office space was the smallest of them all, in total 150m2. The office is mixed in with the retail side of the business and also incorporates a bar. The office sits above the full floor of workshopping designed for customers and employees to work at optimum level. The space embodies the vibe for the brand and allows room to display their best works. The custom made wooden boards and décor was all custom built with “raw functionality” in mind.


  1. Softheads – Barcelona

Softheads create handmade textile pieces of décor in a humorous parody of olden day hunting trophies.

Office Design - Ideal Furniture

The office design was to use each different room for different purposes. It was split into a workshop area, rest area, office area and the showroom. It was an office decision to not physically split off the areas but only by design so the entire space felt open and welcoming. The office has a homely and warm environment, emphasising the nature of the brand. There is also an office pet, further adding to the simple, comfortable vibe of the business.


  1. TransferGo – Lithuania

TransferGo is a digital remittance solution that allows international funds to be transferred locally.

Office Design - Ideal Furniture

The design has a repeating orange colour that makes the office pop and stand out from others. It is a reflection of the company logo and provides inspiration and attention from employees. There is a skyping and private call area for individual working. The sofas, drawings on the walls and overall atmosphere of the office are a warm, comfortable tone. This tends to encourage employees to work harder and stay longer in the office as they feel at home in the space.


Ultimately, the majority of the office design should be focused on how to facilitate the most productivity in a method that correctly portrays your brand or business. There should be a mix of both collaborative and individual spaces and especially break rooms where staff can take a well-deserved break. The office furniture should be comfortable and supportive for health and happiness.

Are there any offices you liked or helped design your office?


Ways to Increase Healthy Office Productivity

Ways to Increase Healthy Office Productivity

Does it seem like it’s impossible to improve your office productivity?

You’ve tried cleaning the office space but it just feels empty. You’ve tried having an office pet but it’s just ended up being another chore. You’ve tried promoting exercise and healthy eating but no one seems to want to do the free yoga classes and eat those wholegrain muesli bars.

It’s highly possible that the office morality and spirit is a-okay. The problem is a serious issue with the office design and office furniture you are trying to work around.

You might think that it’s not a big deal but take a look at all the successful businesses around the world. There is not one that doesn’t value and invest in the design, style and comfort of their offices. These offices are where employees spend half their lives working. The effort spent into making it as functional and relaxing as possible would be highly appreciated.

No need for concern, you don’t need to call in a designer who has weirdly innovative designs and costs a fortune. There just needs to be some minor changes made to start seeing significant improvements in the work environment.


Ergonomic, Ergonomic, Ergonomic!

It is absolutely impossible to purchase furniture for all your employees that specifically suit all their different heights and widths and arm placements. Unless you have a small company and can purchase different chairs for everyone, the same items just won’t match everyone’s personal preferences and bodily needs. This is why it is extremely important to get ergonomic office furniture.

Ergonomic furniture is essentially furniture that has been designed to prevent repetitive stress injuries. These can be injuries such as lower back stress caused by long hours in an inappropriate chair, other back problems, leg cramps and discomfort in other joints in the body. The comfort and long term benefits of ergonomic furniture demonstrates to employees that they are working in an environment that cares about their wellbeing. This alone can increase productivity and on top of that employees will be able to focus on their work instead of massaging their backs every hour.

Additionally, furniture should be made adjustable so it is able to adapt to every singular person. The newly popular height adjustable desks are a perfect example of that. It allows for different heights suitable to every individual and even promotes healthy work methods by providing the option to work while standing up. These options of adjustment significantly improve the productivity of an office, as employees are able to work in their most comfortable position and environment.


Where Do I Put the Offices?

In this modern day and age, the options for an office layout are endless. Do I set up traditional office cubicles? Do I try out the open plan office? Should they all be in one room?

The important factor to remember, before you get swept away by all the office inspiration, is that your office setup should reflect your company values. If your employees need to do majority of work that is collaborative based rather then individual, the office should have more open plan, collaboration spaces otherwise it may cause inconveniences. If your staffs do absolutely all their work on a desk individually, there should not be too much open space and discussion areas as this can be distracting and imposing. If the office placement does not suit the work type, it can heavily decrease the productivity of the office.

The best option for most companies is to have a mixture of both; majority being the one your employees need most. Having both singular desks and cubicles with a relaxing area or discussion lounge area can provide different platforms for different work types. This adaptability encourages workers to find what suits them and can be very beneficial to work output.

An interesting little fact is that straight tables and lines promote individual work or establishing a boss to employee relationship. This is because there is a “head” to a rectangular meeting table and the lines establish barriers between workers. Round tables and lines have been researched to promote creativity and comfort of freedom to share ideas. This is because there is no “head” at the table and allows for all employees to feel of equal status.


Outdoor Lighting, Indoor Comfort

I will never fail to mention the importance and necessity of natural or at the very least, good lighting in an office. If your workspace is filled to the brim with expensive office furniture but the sterile, dingy lighting is in place I’ve got some bad news. Your employees will have very low productivity. Bad lighting has been researched time and time again with the same results; it is impressively unhealthy. It can cause major eye problems and damage the working time of all staff. It can also dampen the mood and even be known to eventually cause mental health issues in the long term. On the other hand, natural lighting has been proven to improve moods, productivity, health and is just in general very beneficial.

It is important to have a lot of windows to allow natural light into the office. However, you don’t need to start smashing down walls. If there is only a little bit of natural light coming in, you can add mirrors and glass around the office to reflect light. Then make sure that the correct lighting, which is not damaging to the eyes, is added to the office.


Smells Like Home

Smell is always underrated, especially in the office. It is necessary to find a suitable smell for your workspace as it can negatively impact your work ability if you choose something that is mismatched. For example the smell of food constantly drifting in and out of the office would subconsciously create constant hunger and distraction for the office. Candles or oil drips can be placed on the office furniture around the workspace to add a little personal touch.

You may want to try out these smells:

  • Lemon/Citrus – these smells are uplifting and can increase the mood of an office; they may also help counter mental exhaustion.
  • Lavender – helps with anxiety and emotional stresses. The calming properties of this smell can also assist with treating headaches.
  • Peppermint/Mint – the minty category of smells are said to be refreshing and help with focus and stimulation of the mind.
  • Rosemary – although a very specific smell, it can encourage clear thinking and improving memory.

Just finding a smell that your office likes can increase productivity and allow employees to feel comfortable and familiar in the workspace.


Plants, Greenery, Shrubs

The addition of plants to any office improves the natural feel, the colour and the air quality for the staff. Whether they are little pot plants on a few tables or shrubs or large greenery in shared spaces, it is beneficial. Humans are biologically supposed to be in the natural environment, exposure to plants can dramatically increase the productivity and health of employees. Not only that, but it also can project the image that your company is environmentally friendly and can nurture plants and keep them alive. An important thing to remember, nobody wants dying plants around the office.


Colour: The Silent Killer

Colour, other then a product of design, can be used to stimulate certain parts of the mind. Don’t paint your office into a Wiggles show (unless you are Wiggles) but it is vital to have a few colours here and there. If your office is plain white, black and grey, although very minimalistic, can cause people to feel cold, unenthusiastic or under stimulated. If you must stick with those colours, then make sure, as stated above, to add some greenery. This will add some natural colour to the workspace.


Overall, you can make these small changes to facilitate healthy office productivity but make sure you don’t go overboard with anything. It is important to always remember what your company stands for and if you have a healthy work ethic and appropriate office furniture, your employees will follow in suit.

First impressions last

First impressions last

First impressions last

Your waiting room is the first thing your clients see when they walk in so this is the first chance you have and most important part in giving your clients a great impression of how professional and organized you are. Having a messy or not so organized waiting room will make your clients feel skeptical about the choice they have made about taking that first step into your office. You want your clients to feel like they have made the right choice about choosing your company over the others from the time they take their first step in.


At times it is hard to keep your waiting room clean and organized but here are helpful tips to keep it organized.

  1. When choosing your seating, try and find a beam seating solution instead of using individual seating. This will stop clients from being able to move the chairs around and will keep them perfectly lined up leaving your room looking well organized. Today there is a vast range of stylish beam seating at great prices to suit almost every décor and budget.
  2. Having children’s toys is a great idea to keep kids occupied and usually keeps them quiet while waiting but people seem to avoid this due to the mess related to it. By fencing off a small area will help keep toys confined to that area leaving the rest of your waiting room clean and organized. Also only having toys fixed such as chalk boards or puzzle games will help keep the toy area clean but will still keep the kids amused and occupied.
  3. Clients like to read so having magazines will help clients to feel relaxed and also helps time pass quickly. Having a magazine rack rather than having loose magazines over tables is the best way to keep the magazines tidy.

For more helpful tips on setting up your office please check our other blogs or call us on 02 9897-0588.

Tips On Planning Your Office Fitout In Sydney

Tips On Planning Your Office Fitout In Sydney

Tips On Planning Your Office Fit out In Sydney – Ideal Furniture


Planning your office fit out in Sydney is usually done in a few stages. First you need to work out your office space and how you would like your layout to be. Some customers already have a design in mind that they would like but most important is the practicality of the furniture layout and the design to work.


Once you have chosen the best design and layout, it’s now time to start organizing for it all to be done.

First thing you need to organize is a company that you feel comfortable with doing the construction side of your fit out. This usually includes the partition walls, electrical and data, painting, floor fixtures and so much more.

Once you have chosen the company that best suits your needs and you are comfortable, depending on the area that your office is situated you may need to get council approval before commencing the work. The company you have chosen to do your work should be able to organize everything needed to submit to your local council including plans and paperwork required. This can be a time consuming process (up to 2 months) so get this moving straight away before you start planning the rest of your job.


The next thing you need to organize is your furniture and where to source it from. This should be done as soon as your project has been submitted to council as some of the furniture you like may be custom made and may take up to 6 weeks to be made. This will avoid any delays in your completion date schedule.


The hardest part about maintaining a smooth running project is coordinating all the trades/companies to work together and within a tight schedule. This can be a time consuming and a stressful process for yourself and could take you away from your normal daily tasks.


Ideal Furniture has been doing office fit outs in Sydney for the past 3 years and understand that your time is valuable so we have built a good quality team of experienced professionals that will not only get your job done but we manage your job from start to finish including the construction side right down to placing the last piece of furniture leaving you to continue on with your daily tasks as normal and leaving you stress free. Each job is allocated a project manager whom will quote the job, organize the job and complete the job. If there is anything you need to know, it is just 1 call and you will have it sorted.


As mentioned, we fully understand that having a disruption from your normal duties or having your office shut down for a long period of time while the project is in process all comes down to loss of income and /or unsettled staff so we have thrived on having the quickest turn around time in Sydney with a 30 day guarantee of completion time (not including council approval).


To organize for 1 of our professional experienced managers to come to you and have a consultation, please call 02 9897-0588 or email info@idealofficefurniture.com.au or check out some of our previous office fitouts in sydney

10 Ways to Make Your Old Office Furniture More Modern

10 Ways to Make Your Old Office Furniture More Modern

Take a look away from your screen for one second and imagine your office space. Picture the floors and the office furniture and the atmosphere. Now describe how you feel about it and list the emotions. If overall it’s not a positive kind of feeling, good news! This can be easily sorted – possibly it’s because the aura of your office feels or looks too old. Is everything cluttered, the carpet moulding into a weird grey green mix, do the tables look dusty no matter how much you clean them? There is a way to make you feel better about going to work. Modernise and rejuvenate your dying office. If this still doesn’t work it might be time for a career change.

Here are the 10 easy steps to modernising your office:

  1. The Golden Rule: Organisation

The foremost and utmost recommendation that I make is to seriously clean and keep your workspace organised. I know, I know, you have probably heard this a thousand times before but there is a solid reason for it.

Office Desks - Ideal Furniture

It is the absolute easiest and cheapest method of rejuvenating an old office. This doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have one or two papers lying around, now that’s just unrealistic. It just means you can’t let those two papers spiral into a pile of rubbish that people assume (but aren’t quite sure) your desk is under. If you can spot a resemblance between your office and a 14-year-old boys bedroom, then it’s probably time to clean it up a bit.

The way your desk looks can impact your work attitude, your co-workers mood and can domino effect until the whole office, even your boss, is affected. Maybe if your desk was always clean your boss may like you tiny bit more (not a guaranteed method).

  1. Replace your Old Carpet

Despite the various diagnoses, there is absolutely nothing wrong with carpet in the office. However, there is something very, very, very wrong with old carpet. Notice I said very 3 times. No matter if you have the newest office furniture, if your carpet has the colour and texture of a 10 year old mop, then we have a big problem. Depending on the colour and usage, the life of a carpet varies, however it is recommended to change it every 5-6 years. Although I would say just go by your own feeling.

The modern version of carpet is tile carpet where the carpet comes in small squares instead of a big roll. This method of carpeting is much more efficient as you can replace piece by piece. Also the carpet is of harder quality and doesn’t sink or sag. This way chairs won’t leave marks and if you do replace it, it won’t stick out from the rest of the carpet like a sore thumb.

The alternative is hard floors, which is increasingly popular for offices and homes and everywhere in general. This way any spillage won’t be absorbed, it is easier to clean and reflects more light, giving the office a brighter look.

  1. Small is the New Big

Everything used to be big and bulky – computers, televisions, mobiles and also office furniture. It has become a clear trend for smaller, thinner, more simplistic desks to be in demand. It’s quite possibly because technology has become smaller, therefore less heavy to carry and also has replaced much of what used to be physical paper work. These days everything is stored in one computer on each desk and therefore less space is needed to work. Purchasing smaller desks that are suitable for your workers can make the office appear less cramped and more modern. Of course this point is very dependent on your business and the image you are trying to give off.

If you don’t know whether it will suit your business, we have a guide here.

  1. New Age of Office Chairs

Old office chairs are damaging aesthetically to your office and also bring no benefits to productivity or health to your employees. Ergonomic chairs are highly recommended for office spaces that have employees seated for long hours. This can increase their work ethic and reduce back pains or worry about back problems and also reduce the medical bills for when your employees do get back problems. Mesh chairs can add a more modern look to the office, as they are the industry leader for open workspaces. Other then that either leather or fabric chairs are also popular as long as they are kept in clean condition and the leather quality is good. This way the leather won’t sink in and make workers feel like they are sitting on wooden boards.

  1. All Natural

Natural lighting is becoming more and more of a necessity rather then preference. Artificial lighting can give off a dingy, dark vibe and make employees uncomfortable inside for long hours. Natural lighting has been proven through many studies to reduce sickness, fatigue, unhappiness and increase productivity, and mood and work ability in various different companies. I strongly push every office to get as much natural lighting into the office as possible.

  1. Fresh Paint

If your wallpaper or paint is chipped and peeling at the edges, you need a fresh coat of paint. Even if it’s not and your white walls have become a slight off white creamy colour, you need a fresh coat of paint. If the only colours in your entire office are grey, white and black, you need a fresh coat of paint. Add some colour, be daring, and of course don’t paint your office into all the colours of Google, but one or two bright colours can cheer up the atmosphere. Don’t go overboard and just make sure it still reflects your company and what you represent.

  1. Everyone is Welcome

First impressions are everything and when your client or your workers walk into the office the first thing they usually see is the lobby or the reception. There is a significant impact on the overall office atmosphere depending on how the lobby is presented. Make sure it is visually appealing and reflects the values of your company e.g. if you are a environmental company throw in some plants rather then just leaving it barren. Make sure everything is in warm tones and easy to take in so that people will find a desire to go further into your business rather then run back out.

  1. Plants

Unless you are allergic to greenery, it is an absolute must to have plants in your office space. You don’t need one in every corner but some natural plants around add colour and a generally better atmosphere. It reflects your company value for nature and also that your employees can take care of and nurture something other then their specific jobs. There are also various health benefits from bringing the natural outdoor into the indoor work place.


  1. Technology

The new era has technology everywhere. And so, the easiest but expensive method of modernising your office is to add technology. Of course don’t add unnecessary random televisions in empty spots that are never used. However in the lobby or waiting rooms or meeting rooms flat screen TVs can be used both as a business tool and a decoration. If not TVs then visible slim line computers or laptops or iPads can be used. It demonstrates that you have moved on from the last generation of magazines and doing business and look towards the brighter future.

  1. Décor

It can be as simple as adding a piece of art or some statement lighting to modernise the office. If you want to keep all the old furniture that is absolutely fine, you just need to invest in some decorations. A big painting that incorporates some of the colours of your logo or writing that encourages your company values can add a certain vibe and aesthetic to the office space.


There is absolutely no need to do all of these. There just needs to be a small incorporation of these pointers into your office space. The world is growing and your office needs to adapt and grow into a modern business. Whether you just replace some chairs or a few tables or the floors. Any of these can help make your office stand out to help both your business in the hands of clients or employees.

Let us know what you think. Do you disagree or agree with any of these steps?


Christmas and New Year Closure Dates

Christmas and New Year Closure Dates

From all the staff at Ideal Furniture, we would like to thank all our customers for their support in the year of 2015. We hope you all have a very happy and joy filled Christmas and safe New Year.


We will be closed as of 5pm on the 24th of December 2015 and will be commencing back to normal trading hours from 9am on the 4th of January 2016.

Our website will still be active and fully functional between these times so you are still able to place order but they will not be actioned until we commence back on the 4/1/16.



Again thank you for all your support and we hope to see you all in the new year of 2016.


Kind regards

Management of Ideal Furniture

Why is Office Furniture SO Expensive?

Why is Office Furniture SO Expensive?

From time to time you may find yourself sitting in your battered down office chair, massaging the weird aches in your back, wondering why office furniture is so expensive.

Before I knew anything about furniture, I thought that the day I set up my own office, it would be straight out of a TV show. Little did I know shopping for my furniture would require much more knowledge then I had acquired.

Most people have the wrong budget placed in mind. Comparisons between office and home furniture or office chairs made for long use and cheap department store chairs are unrealistic. The truth is that price is a simple differentiator. These pieces of office furniture are used almost everywhere from 9-5 (or longer!) every single day whereas home furniture is not put under those same pressures for long hours. These commercial products are used in long wearing environments and therefore need to be made to have stronger durability. If you decide to purchase a chair under $100 with a one year warranty or no warranty and then sit on it 6-8 hours a day, the padding might quickly dissipate and your backside will have very minimal support. This may not seem like a problem but a large percentage of people develop back problems due to lack of care as a teenager or early adulthood.


Furniture is an investment


Or at least it should be. And like all investments, you must be willing to put in what you want to get out. Long lasting furniture that is stable and comfortable and functionable can seem like it costs a little more then you’re willing to spend but in the long term, it is worth it. If, let’s say, you spend $50 on a chair and it somehow lasts one year. You have to then spend time, effort and travelling money on finding a replacement every year. That’s more then $500 for seating in 10 years. And that’s not even including the cost of your medical bills when you start having troubles in your lower back and spinal area for sitting long hours on a chair without the proper back and lumbar support. Wouldn’t it be worth it to find a chair a little more expensive (even just a little) to avoid all that trouble?

Of course quality doesn’t always correspond with price, the most expensive pieces aren’t the best buys of the industry. It is important to look for value in what you’re buying, and never forget what you’re looking for, whether it is style or function. Remember the image you are trying to buy for, the business that you are reflecting.

If you don’t know what your furniture shows about you, we have a guide here.

Office furniture varies with the craftsmanship, materials used and the functionality of each piece. The importance of what matters varies with different types of furniture and what you will be using it for, but here are some general factors that can change pricing:

Office Desks

  • Sturdy, strong frame to make sure the desk won’t begin to sag from the weight of you and your computer, etc, over it
  • Scratch-resistant in order to avoid tools or movements damaging the table (especially if rough work such as crafting will be done on the desk)
  • Materials may be imported or locally made
  • Custom made to your design and with specific colours or materials

Office Chairs

  • Ergonomic functions to allow adjustments to suit each individual taste
    • Back tilt
    • Lumbar support and adjustment
    • Seat tilt
    • Adjustable arms
  • AFRDI approved chairs are officially tested for correct support and long hour seating
  • Mesh material is an increasingly popular material for seating as it is hard to damage and allows you to “breath” through the seating
  • Fine leather or PU Leather changes the game because although PU leather is the more common and popular one, fine leather is much more expensive
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Whether you are willing to invest $1000 into a single chair or $1000 into fitting out your entire office is up to you, however it is important to note the quality and whether what you’re buying is worth it or just plain cheap. No matter what anyone says, buying an exercise ball instead of an office chair, although cost efficient, is just not functional or beneficial (tested and proved). So it all isn’t as expensive as you thought if you consider all the years of benefits and health that you’re paying for instead of just looking at the number itself.

Tell us about your experience with buying furniture. Do you believe that you should invest into better and longer lasting items?


What Your Office Furniture Says About You

What Your Office Furniture Says About You

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

If you’ve ever heard that saying then you might be familiar with the idea and importance of visualisation, especially in regards to office furniture. Everyday in the furniture industry customers will voice the concern and question, “does it really make a difference?” Does it make a difference between whether you want the screens between those tables to be blue or black? Does it matter if those office desks should be wooden or polyurethane? Does it matter if the layouts of my workstations are open or closed?

Yes, yes and yes again. If we go and take a look at all the successful businesses in the world, I can guarantee that their offices will have been built up piece by piece according to the image they want to portray. The way things are put together creates an impression that can last in a client’s subconscious and impact them even more then what you try to sell or say. Humans communicate and interact with each other through only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal. On top of that 65% of people are heavily visual learners. This can be directly translated onto how a customer can perceive a company through what they see in their office.

Whether I’m talking with representatives of large companies or small offices or clients who just need one office desk, I emphasise the importance of knowing the image you want to embody and reflecting that onto the furniture you choose to buy.

There are 5 major components that every organisation should consider while furnishing their office space.

Colours in the Office 

Dark & Neutral Colours   colour sample - Ideal Furniture

A scale of dark wooden colours to neutral colours such as beige and grey on the walls and office furniture illustrates an atmosphere of sophistication and gravity. This is more suitable towards corporate businesses that put more focus on providing a service that reflects the refined nature and seriousness of the office tones. If this isn’t suited to your business, the choice of these colours can create a ‘dead fish’ and old-fashioned type of feeling where the office seems overly dull and dreary.

Bright Colours   Ideal Furniture

The addition of bright colours into an office space within the walls, fabrics, office desks or office chairs can exude a sense of energy and enthusiasm. This attitude can be received well and allow clients to feel more comfortable or cheerful within your company and with employees. However, on the other hand, if done incorrectly, it can allow customers to see your company as childish or unprofessional. It is important for the colours chosen to interconnect with the culture of your company. You don’t want to be a company that organises funeral insurances and have bright reds and yellows around in the office.

Material & Workmanship


Office furniture with wooden finishes or workmanship provides a solid and firm workspace reflecting the secure and stable nature of your business. If the office desks are solid wood, it can symbolise a large presence both in the office and in the industry you are apart of. Or by including little dashes of wooden finishes can give off a natural touch and add a contemporary comfortable feeling to an otherwise plain office.


Poly desks and storage units can create a highly modern, sleek and clean look for your office. This is especially correct if the office space is designed with majority of white, which is highly popular in modern society. The use of poly furniture creates the notion that your business is trendy or even a trendsetter. This is popular and important in industries where you must stay up to date with constant changes to what’s “popular” e.g. design, fashion, technology.


Professionalism will always coexist with the inclusion of leather in any office whether it is office chairs, lounges or even just a pad on your desk. Whether it is PU or fine leather, it can be used to add flavour and texture to an office or further emphasise the modern sleek nature. Leather is very adaptable depending on the style that you choose but you can never go wrong with a touch of leather seating. 

Layout of Office Furniture

Individual Offices

The positioning and layout of a singular office can affect your client and your psychological dynamic. Let’s paint a picture, your office has a desk in the middle and you sit behind it on a mobile chair with wheels that looks more comfortable and expensive and sits a bit higher. On the other side of the desk is one or two client chairs that are immobile, sits a bit lower on the height scale and may be a bit less comfortable. This element of hierarchy and power separation can work to your benefit if your business does reinforce the status and role you are in. However, if your business should not project that image then there should be a separate meeting table or lounge area with the exact same chairs that you can sit together with your client and work in collaboration or approach your clients in a more personal and comfortable manner.

Main Workspace

A significant choice for the main work area is the choice of open plan or traditional closed off rooms or cubicles. The increasingly popular open plan setup represents a modern, adaptive and collaborative environment. However, it is a myth and a mistake to think that this layout works for everyone. The interactive nature of this plan creates an image for clients to see an open atmosphere where the entire company works as a team or system. This must truly imitate how the company actually works and reiterate the company core values.

The cubicle choice provides a sense of organisation and individuality producing a clean and quiet space in which employees are able to work at peace. Each cubicle is adjustable to every specific employee, creating a homely or comfortable atmosphere. Although if ineffective can produce an linkable nature to a machine in which there is no communication and workers drone on like robots. It is vital for the company to utilise this space 100% and have the correct company attitude for this plan to work effectively.

Doors & Walls


Glass walls and doors are literally transparent, symbolising also the figurative transparent nature of your business. There are no secrets or unseen strings attached between customers or employees. This clean, simple method can allow clients to be more comfortable in the workspace and also subconsciously trust the organisation more.


Moveable walls and partitions can produce a sense that the company is open for compromise and is highly adaptable to suit the customer needs or situation. There is no need to choose one method or a “my way or the high way” attitude and instead reflects the can do attitude and value of the business.


Solid walls and doors may introduce a fear of the company not being as transparent as they could; however this could be beneficial to specific industries. The solid nature of the building and office reinforces the security of the business whether it was needed for legitimate security or security of information. The solid attitude can make people looking for that feel safer that they are in the right hands. 


Office Lighting - Ideal Furniture

Artificial lighting on it’s own is not enough anymore; at the very least there should be a mix of artificial and natural lighting in every office. An increase in natural lighting has been studied to show better mood and productivity for all workers. Not only that, lighting also impacts the aesthetics of an office space and more lighting allows an office to feel more open, transparent, natural and warm. Clients will not carry a positive impression if they feel that an office cannot provide the best working conditions for their staff members. If they feel like the employees are motivated and comfortable they will have a stronger belief that the best people in the industry are handling their business.

The office furniture and layout chosen to craft a company workspace is made up of significant decisions. Every choice is a reflection of your company and how your business is perceived in society.

Do you think your office reflects the image you’re trying to project?